Financial freedom, stability and inclusion

A crypto safe haven asset for the future

Monetary policy and
our financial system.

Safe haven assets are virtually gone.

The Value of Money

In our modern economy bank accounts aren’t providing any interest and if they are, it’s negative interest, whilst money itself only loses in value over time. It’s difficult to find a return on your savings unless you are an experienced investor willing to take risk. Accessibility to low risk and income generating investments have virtually disappeared even for institutional investors.

We see the need for an asset that is accessible to everyone in which you can safely store your money, which will not lose its value, but rather to grow it. An asset that isn’t influenced by current monetary policies or politics, is stable and secure and provides a real safe haven.

We call this safe haven DUCA. It’s a crypto token build on the Ethereum blockchain, decentralized and accessible for anyone around the globe. DUCA is made to provide you with full autonomy and freedom concerning your financial well-being.